Aircraft Maintenance Consultant and Historical Records Analyst

Current Status:  AVAILABLE

Zoltan Nagy Rospigliosi is a mechanical engineer graduated in Hungary on 1986 with an excellent knowledge and understanding of aircraft leasing contracts, machinery, engines, systems, structures and a/c historical records analysis, which include and are not limited to: translation of technical documents, FAA and EASA regulation interpretation (FAR, EASA Part M, airworthiness directives, etc), HT components, LLPs analysis, a/c work scopes, CPCP programs, bridging programs, engine records, LGs traceability, billing and digital technical photography.  

After working 8 years with commercial fishing vessels, ZNR started to work in aviation with the Peruvian Air Force (FAP) in 1997.  In 1998 he worked in Peru with different repair stations and airlines, basically in the planning and engineering departments.  He started to work in the aircraft maintenance consultancy business in March 1999 and have it done since then.  There are over 100 airplanes that have been transferred and delivered by him in this time frame.  ZNR has experience and good knowledge in Airbus, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas products.  Adding also to this the fluently domain of different languages as: Spanish, English, German, Hungarian and Portuguese.


He is very proactive, easy going and determined when accomplishing a project.  He will take any project no matter where he has to travel to and for how long the projects will last.


ZNR has been working for the last nineteen years representing leasing companies and airlines, supervising heavy checks, a/c transfers, repossessions and rescuing abandoned airplanes from airlines in financial disasters.  His services are regularly used and were used by the following leasing companies and airlines: ALC, Aeroptions, ACG, BBAM, Delta Airlines, Macquarie Air Finance, ILFC, Air New Zealand, Volito, WSA, Southwest Airlines and Pegasus Aviation.


In the last twelve years his function mainly, between others, has been acting as on-site project manager.  He also used to be part of lease negotiations, accompanying the lessor previously than an a/c is returned and/or delivered, representing the lessor on the end of lease maintenance check and being in charge of the delivery of the a/c to the new operator in accordance with the established delivery agreement.


Currently he lives in Lima, Peru.  He was born in August 1964.  Zoltan Nagy Rospigliosi is a Peruvian citizen with valid passport and has a full legal residence in Brazil.


















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